Buildings and Grounds

The Building and Grounds Committee is responsible for the management of the facilities of Foothill Presbyterian Church. The committee is composed of people who share a concern for the facilities lead by a Moderator. The committee shall consist of interested volunteers and at least one elder of the church. While the Moderator may or may not be the Ruling Elder, the Ruling Elder must be the communicator to the Session on Facility Matters.


The Christian Education Committee is responsible for the formal education programs for both adults and youth at Foothill Presbyterian Church.  The committee shall be composed of one elder who will serve as moderator, the Superintendent of the Sunday School as needed, the pastor, and members at large from the congregation.




The Financial Resources Committee, working closely with the Treasurer, is responsible for overseeing all aspects of church finances including all fund accounts, leases, pledges &reports. 


The Membership / Outreach Committee seeks to integrate people into the life of the church by providing a warm welcome to all, with special attention to visitors and potential new members, encouraging everyone to participate in the life of Foothill Presbyterian Church. The committee shall consist of one elder acting as moderator, one deacon, and members of the congregation in numbers necessary to perform required tasks.


The Mission Committee is responsible for educating and encouraging the congregation to participate in denominational special giving opportunities as well as supporting local, national, and world mission partners. 


The Stewardship Committee is responsible for providing the congregation with year-round information regarding stewardship needs and simulating the congregation's commitment to Christ, His church, and programs supported by the church.


The worship committee is responsible for the form, order and experience of the spiritual services of the church, including Sunday morning worship, and special Advent and Lenten services.